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Eldariant Alliance
The Eldariant Alliance is one of the oldest kinship alliances on the Laurelin server of Lord of the Rings Online. (Europe)

Many kins have been involved in it over the years, currently it is made up of the following kins:

  • Laiquendi Order
  • Linna na Gelaidh
  • People of the Shire
  • Riders of the Riddermark
  • Genesis of the Free

The alliance prides itself on teamwork, roleplaying, and socializing, to aid one another and to have fun playing LotRO.

Join the Alliance

To join the Eldariant Alliance is actually not so hard as it may seem.

The only real requirement we have for any member kins are that they fight for the good of Middle Earth, always try to keep a positive attitude towards players on the server, and never backstab eachother.

As to requirements for a given level of activity, there is none. This is still a game, and if players do not wish to partake in any given event, they are free not to.

If you want to know more, or wish that your kin joins the alliance, grab hold of us in the Eldariant channel in the game.