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Eglanel's Diary

When Shadows Fall

It has been found...too late, yet, is it not a good thing that it has been wrested from the enemy?

I know not, all I know is that Meldirenbel asked to meet me, and when we met at the sanctuary he handed me that most ill fated of all tomes, the Parf nu Dae. He had used one of the spells in it, and already the book has laid claim to a part of his soul, I can only hope in time he will be released from its hold.

What deity deemed thus to torment me?, to deliver to me thus the book that could have saved Lindarwen, the tome that could have prevented her from that terrible deed, that could have let her walk once more in light, it seems that where luck has favoured me with Aelir, it has taken away so much.

Still, I would not trade for anything, Aelir holds my soul, my spirit, and my heart.

Meldirenbel asked to be involved in safekeeping the book, yet, given that it already had taken hold of him, how could I allow it?, this burden is beyond him, and only through sheer force of will did he let go of it. Perhaps he will again stand in light only, the use of the book leaving no mark on him.

I hope so...

I shall carry the book with me for now, yet, will I myself fall to its power? I think I can withstand it, I know of the evil it has wrought in the past, I know what power lies within it. Mere reading from it will be dangerous, and using it.... no. I cannot let myself fall to that trap.

I make my way now to Imladris, to let Elrond know it has at last been found, to aks his advice in how to guard it, and how to keep it safe, prevent it from reaching the enemy again...and prevent it from letting it's shadow fall upon the Laiquendi.

Enough that it has spelled doom to my sister, thus taking away the last family I had on these shores. Ages have passed since last I saw it, in Nargothrond, is it fitting that once more it lies here, available to the eldar race?... I think not.

Ah, the worries, the regrets, the fear for what may lie in wait in the coming days....

Shadow has fallen upon me, a fitting name for this tome then, Book of Shadows.
#1 | Tanes on December 05 2010 09:36:45
Oh no, that dreaded book! I hope it doesn't spell disaster for Eglanel. Sad
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