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Rules of Conduct
  • Gatherings (kin meetings) can be of any number, to take place. Gatherings must be held around the circle of water within the Kinhouse.
  • The Kinhouse is called 'Sanctuary'
  • Council of the Order, for anything to pass, has to comprise of at least three members of the Council.
  • All voices must be held in equal weight at Gatherings and Councils, and all concerns met and raised, and dealt with to the agreement of all.
  • Meetings of the Council of the Order shall be held within the walls of the Sanctuary.
  • All are equal in the Laiquendi, and the Caun status is a representation of whether they are Council Members or not.
  • Council Member responsibilities are to care, and uphold Laiquendi Policy and Peaceful works, to ensure its prosperity and non-corruption.
  • All laws can be changed, but all must be in agreement.
  • Most decisions, to do with great law, must have unanimous votes at Councils.
  • No other race but Elf, can ever breach the Sanctuary Door. It is heathen to allow such except where it has been specifically agreed upon.
  • No dark works are permitted, including names, within the Sanctuary.
  • Laiquendi Lorebase, has to be met, above the other lines. But all are welcome within the Laiquendi.
  • There are no Kings of Queens of the Laiquendi, no designated Leader. Only the Guide and the Council Members. Since Amon Ereb, and Denethor's fall. Tolkien True.
  • Weapons are to be removed and not on person, when visiting the Sanctuary.
  • All Elves can be considered for Caun, especially if they choose it. And all decisions must be made fairly, regardless of RP stature, typing or gaming ability.
  • No profanity is allowed. No racial discrimination. And no language is dominant in the Order.
  • All Elves are speaking Sindarin, even when typing in English.
  • There is an unwritten agreement, when joining the added channels, to be respectful to others and behave in a mature manner. It's a community, and not your personal foghorn.
  • The LaiquendiRP channel is used to allow all members around the world to be able to RP no matter where they are. It may be used for IC discussions or OOC matters which support a particular RP event but should not be used for general chatter.
  • The LaiquendiRP channel is regarded as a seperate RP channel to the /say channel.
  • The Tur, is not above any. Nor the Successor. Merely Head of Council Electee's.
  • Peace. Is paramount. No wars are allowed, no feuding. All must be dealt with amicably.
  • Upon joining the Order, all new recruits have to register their character at and partake in at least one RP event in order to become full members.
  • If a member is inactive for more than 180 days, without prior word to the order, said member will be removed from the roster. Upon becoming once more active, members removed may regain full status at once.
  • Expulsions are only permitted, for those that attempt to damage. Or cannot adhere to above laws, as and when they change.
  • All kin members should obtain either the Cotton Robe dyed Olive or the Greenwood Hauberk available in the store. These are to be used as Kin uniforms.
  • All Law Changes, and policy changes are to be published on the website, or via Kinmail.