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Rules of Conduct

Caun Roles

Cauns of the Laiquendi Order are defined by two dstinct categories: 1. Council Members 2. RP Officers

Council Members

Council members are part of the Laiquendi Council, and thus take part in day to day decision making in the kin.

Below are the requirements needed for a Caun to be a member of the council:

1. Must RP his/her character frequently.
2. Must be registered on this website.
3. Must have published a bio for his/her character on this website.

All cauns are to uphold the values and rules of the Laiquendi Order.

RP Officers

RP Officers are not asked to perform any task other than helping new members join the kin.
In essence, they hold the rank simply so that it should be possible for new members to join straight away, instead of having to wait for an officer to come online.

All RP Officers should add the following to their bio in-game:
On the chest of this elf you notice a brooch depicting a silver mallorn leaf, indicating he/she holds rank within the Laiquendi Order.

Recruitment of new members should follow the general rule of an RP conversation with the person wishing to join. Thus establishing an RP relationship and getting some background on the player/character.

RP Officers have a few requirements they need to meet:

1. Active RP play.
2. Willing to set up meetings with possible new members on a short notice.

It is not a requirement of the RP Officers, that they actively recruit in-game. But it would be appreciated.

Officer List



Council Members (Officers)


As of December 1st 2011 the following changes to our rules of conduct have been made after consultation with the Order and by agreement of the Cauns.

The biggest change is that OOC chat is now allowed in Kin chat. This decision was not taken lightly but it was fel tby the majority that the channel got little use and represented as much of a break in RP when used IC as it did for OOC conversations.

The presence of the Eldariant channel provides a place for OOC banter as well as somewhere for Alts to hang out.

The KinshipChannel, is RP only. It is to allow all members around the world to be able to RP no matter where they are.

The Kinship channel may now be used for any conversations amongst the Kin.

The LaiquendiOOC has an all alt allowance, if you have one Laiquendi member, all your alts are welcome in the channel.

With the changes to allow the use of OOC conversations in Kin chat this channel is redundant.

The KinshipChannel is regarded as a seperate RP channel to the /say channel.
The KinshipChannel is not full of psychics, just lighter RP understandings to allow RP everywhere.

As this use of the Kin channel has been replaced by the LaiquendiRP channel these two items are now redundant.