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Fun In-Game Chats
Added by Carme:

[eventchannel] Daerundros: 'geez, people always complain that Noldor is spelt wrong... Noldo is singular, plural Noldor -.-'
[eventchannel] Fuin: 'if ther two of them tis Noldouble'
[eventchannel] Fuin: 'if they hav a furry pet tis Noldog'
[To eventchannel] 'If they are unwilling they're Noldon't'
[eventchannel] Fuin: 'if they dancing tis Noldobeboo'
[eventchannel] Matthios: 'I want a Noldoofus.'
[eventchannel] Fuin: '<--ther is one'
[eventchannel] Fuin: 'out front of their home they hav Noldormat'
[eventchannel] Fyxe: 'and their predictions are made by noldoramus'
[To eventchannel] 'In font of the Noldormitory?'
[eventchannel] Fuin: 'an when they take over Middle Earth t'will be Noldormination'
[eventchannel] Fyxe: 'lol'

Added by Eglanel :

[Eldariant] Myraina: 'I've never done a turtle. I only figured out not long ago where the entrance was :D'
[To Eldariant] 'Ewwwwwww'
[Eldariant] Myraina: 'Ahrg!!'
[Eldariant] Myraina: 'A turtle run :P'

Added by Marvis :

[Advice] Saomo: 'Sorry, I just came, what does that do?

Added by Dodero :

X tells you, 'Hi are you in the pipers'
You tell X, 'not with this char'
You tell X, 'why ?'
X tells you, 'Ok can you organise them? I need a band and I hear you are good. I am having a wedding'
You tell X, 'let me ask if there is someone of them on'
X tells you, 'Ok please do'
You tell X, 'I passed on the message'
You tell X, 'Do you already have a date and time for the wedding ?'
X tells you, 'Yep in an hour'
X tells you, 'So can the pipers play?'
You tell X, 'Well, you could have asked it earlier. We plan ahead in days, not hours before'
You tell X, 'So they cannot come because you asked too late'
X tells you, 'Sorry I had a band already but they left'
X tells you, 'It was supposed to be yesterday'
You tell X, 'Why didn't they come ?'
X tells you, 'They did but it was my fiance that didn't come xP'
You tell X, 'I feel sorry she did not turn up'
You tell X, 'Does she really want to marry you ?'
X tells you, 'Yes she lost internet connection'
X tells you, 'And she couldn't get it back on until 3 hours later'
#1 | Marvis Mudfoot on January 27 2011 21:32:27
found this in a different forum somewhere but thought it was still quite funny xD

Life doesn't have a point, get born, go to school, work, then die. (Bonus points if you manage to reproduce)

Seriously, everything you know and love is going to die. I'd drink or use drugs, but I don't have the money or connections so I just fap.
#2 | Dodero Dandywick on June 25 2011 15:28:49
Added a funny conversation
#3 | Miralith Shenanigan on July 01 2011 21:37:24
Hahaha, the Pied Piper one had me laughing while it was happening Smile
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