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An Unlikely Meeting
I surveyed about the room disinterestedly, feeling bored and out of company as I was all alone, skulking behind a crowd which was immersed in the musicians playing music at the front.

I did not think that there was a night which was so boring, knowing that when the Eldar meet in Elrond's Halls there would be feasting and merrymaking - but that was not much here. Instead, everyone was glued to the Musicians, dancing, but I was oblivious to them. Nobody paid any attention to me, as much as I was letting my mind wander and standing alone. I shrugged and decided to join the Elves dancing, aware that I was being watched by Luingil.

"You dance beautifully, hiril." He told me.
"Thank you." I said, now thoroughly enjoying myself. I chuckled and danced to the music, not noticing that there were some newcomers.

Suddenly, a peculiar Elf caught my eye. She had a spear tied to her back, and was clad in black armour. But the most prominent feature was the sickly-blond hair and the markings (scars?) on her face. She was leaning against the wall, her fierce yellow eyes surveying around the room, a hint of boredom and interest in them. Beside her was an Elf with Dark hair, who was chatting to her, though she did not seem any interested.

I was immediately intrigued by this Elf. She seemed to be wild, looking uncomfortable standing there and looking at all the other Elves. I could not guess which clan of Elves she came from, judging by her appearance. She did not seem to care about the rules at all, having her spear with her, and refusing to discard it.

I timidly and cautiously approached her, and she took no notice of me. I was like this for several minutes before finding a perfect moment to introduce myself.

"I shall not surrender my weapon!" I heard her say. She had a strange Sindarin accent to it, and this only made my interest rise more.

"Hello." I cut myself into the situation, smiling somewhat warmly to welcome her.

"Hello." She said in turn. She surveyed me with her bright yellowish eyes, seemingly interest, while I promptly listened (yet did not pay attention) to the Elf beside her. We stood there uncomfortably I could not think of something to say, but then;

"I bid you Welcome to Rivendell."

"Uh... I thank thee, I guess." She said, looking at me and examining me with fierce eyes.

"Have you come a long way to reach the valley?" I asked.

"Yes, I live far far south, in the deserts of Harad."

We chatted for a bit until I was aware another Elf had asked our names, and I promptly introduced myself:
"I am Daerundros." I looked at the other Elf, saying, "And this is..."

"I am Minyelaire Shiannaféya of the Cinn-lai, Fifth Clan of the Avari." She said proudly.

All at once, everything happened fast.

All the Elves surrounding us held their breaths, alarmed at this maiden once she said that she was an Avari; A Dark Elf; an Unwilling. I only took a step backward, but did not seem to be so bothered by the fact that she was different from us. I could not find any reason as to be shocked at her; I just stood so... empty. It did not disturb me one bit. I saw her as I would see any Elf - though I may add that she seems to be a fierce warrior.
The Circle was silent, everyone gazing in awe upon Minyalaire, who was still looking at me with curiosity - perhaps wondering why I did not react with shock as they did. The music was oddly soft and sweet, and the laughter of many Elves behind me stilled in my ears.

"Hail.. Minyelaire of the Avari." The Elf said with caution. He did not seem to be pleased with his discovery at all, instead turning to Minyelaire's companion. I managed to filter out the music and talk and proceeded to talk to Minyelaire again.

Out of surprise, it turned out that we had some things in-common. We both despised Bree-town, preferred Isolation (though I was willing to talk every now and then) and liked open lands which offered freedom. I found myself liking this Elf, wondering why everyone reacted with such surprise and hostility, as I found her quite intriguing and bold, someone worthy of admiration.

I could not discern Minyelaire's feelings, not knowing how she felt about being here, surrounded by Elves she would rather not meet, nor even knowing how she felt about me. I kept many Elves away from her, hoping not to attract more attention and make her more uncomfortable, even going as far as to ignore any that called my name.

When she asked of my house, I proudly said I was of the Noldor, and she proceeded to tell me about our High King Feanor being a mad elf. I then bitterly said that I do not consider Feanor one of my kin, and she settled down, seemingly pleased at the response. However, I could feel someone behind me chuckling once I mentioned my heritage, but I decided to ignore it like before, not wanting to steer the pleasant conversation into one of inquisition if the Elf-sire decided to ask Minyelaire of her heritage. And of course, I did not want any Elves to stare at both of us, because it would make both of us very uncomfortable.

I did not think of Minyelaire as an ill being, on the contrary, I found her to be quite pleasant, despite her facial features, and her hair color. I could sense that it would take me a long long time to befriend her, but I, being my usual curious self, thought wonders of the prospect of Friendship between an Eldar and an Avari. I can only say that I think of Minyelaire as an interesting being.
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