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Laiquendi Order

Alae Lasto!

The Laiquendi Order is a Sanctuary of all Elves of various descents. We are a home for the Nandor descendants, Noldo remnants, Sindar from Doriath, Falathrim of the Coasts and Silvan of distant lands. We welcome all Eldar to unite under one banner of hope, to bring light to lands without and restore that which we all love, the realm of Endor.

In ages past the host of the Teleri under the watchful wisdom of Lenwe lingered in the east, taking bliss from the peace and green quiet lands. Much to learn of all kinds of life, and a great understanding of nature was kindled in lands of twilight. It was only those under the following of Denethor that passed the Hithlaeglir and Eriador to come to the Ered Luin and Ossiriand. There for many years peace was had until the return of the Deep Elves and war was loosed upon the tranquil Beleriand. Denethor's fall upon Amon Ereb marked the beginning of the ancestrial line of the Laiquendi People. Thus was founded, in time, the Laiquendi Order. A secluded and lone clan of Elves that belonged to the Land of the Seven Rivers, to which the final Elven Haven and Sanctuary was forever established.

The Elves of Ossiriand shunned the other races and forever welcomed all Elves in Sanctuary from war and grief, for deep lamentation and meditation could be found beside the calm and well guarded streams and pastures. The Land of Music it soon became, beyond turmoil and war danced the Laiquendi. In defiance of all shadow and unlight. No darkness crept into the lands of Ossiriand, whilst the guardians of the green stood guard.

Now renamed Harlindon, by the Elves. A Haven and last port of call before the final voyage to the western blessed realm of Aman. The Laiquendi guard the last homesteads of the fading years, though dwindled much but without loss of faith. Restored by Elves kindled to fight and guard that which they hold dear.

Unite under the Green Elven Banner. Find tranquility and peace with your Kindred. Restore the light with wisdom and strength of arms. Join the Order of the Laiquendi.

Edro g?r l?n. N? Elbereth veria le, n? elenath d?n s?la erin r?d o chuil l?n. No I Melain na Le.

OOC: To be involved directly or to join the Order of the Laiquendi. Please contact any of the kin members in the game, they will forward your request to an officer. We are on the Laurelin Server and welcome all of your words and thoughts.

We accept all levels of Roleplayers, so long as this way of life is in your hearts

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