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"The Broken Bone Race"
Hail and well met friends!

Durin's Folk will be holding the annual pony race between Thorin's Hall and Needlhole on the 9th of April.

Though the race is originally a pony race, this time, goats and horses will be allowed... and is open to all... so allied men, elves and hobbits are most welcomed.

Start of the race will be a Thorin's Hall Gate - April 9th, 3rd hour past the noon (server time).

The race will take the following route: From Thorin's Hall Gate, through the vale of Thrain - passed Noglond - then the first checkpoint* at Gondamon - through eastern Ered Luin toward the second and final checkpoint at Duillond - to the finishline just West of Needlehole.

*an official will be present at Gondamon and Duillond checkpoint, which all competitors must pass.


Riders must register ahead of time ((by in-game mailing their name, pony's breed and name to Kandral)), or sending him a /tell at the pre-race party at Thorin's Hall - before 2:45pm (ST).

Here are the rules for the upcoming race:

* Only standard speed ponies, horses or goats (62% - NOT 68%!) will be allowed.
* No mount speed buffs will be permitted.
* Participating riders will be given a clear explination again of the course before the race begins. Riders are welcome to visit the race site and practice the course before race day.
* Riders must only use their pony, horse or goat for transportation. Changing steeds will not be allowed mid race, you must finish the race with the steed you registered with. Stables, milestones, wayfaring, camps, rally points, acorns, mustering horns, summons and all other non-mount forms of travel are forbidden.
* Spamming fellow riders, giving a false start signal, having allies ride in the wrong direction to mislead riders, and all other forms of unsportsmanlike behavior will result in disqualification.
* Riders must clear all checkpoints in the proper direction and order. Course judges are the final authority in determining if a checkpoint has been properly cleared. ((A decision can be appealed if screenshots or video can be presented immediately after the race.))
* The winner will be determined by the first rider to cross the finish line, not the first mount.
* If more than a dozen riders show up to participate, there may be a qualifier race to narrow the field.

First prize: 9 Gold coins
Second Prize: 4 Gold coins
Third Prize: 2 Gold coins


The last day of Dwarven spring fest notes the annual pony race between Thorin's Halls and Needlehole in the Westfarthing, known by many dwarves and hobbits as "The Broken Bone Race".

The pony race, first held in the year 2903 TA, starts traditionally at foredawn.
Though originally a race held by dwarves only, in recent years hobbits have been known to enter.

The race is well known for its difficult conditions, the majority of the riders never reaching Needlehole.

The winner of the race is allowed to carry the title of "Race Champion of The West" untill the next spring-festival. The most notable winner has been lord Dwalin (who won the first race - commemorating the Founding of Thorin's Halls the year before)

Unlike the hobbit spring festivals, the dwarrow spring festival does not hold any other sporting events (as those are reserved for the Harnkegger Festival some months later).
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