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Linna na Gelaidh

~* Come sing with us *~

Linna Na Gelaidh

Linna Na Gelaidh ("Sings to Trees") is a loose group of friends and adventurers that have met and befriended each other on their travels through Middle-Earth.
They are of old Elf-houses and common people alike, some of them read in Lore and some of them satisfied with enjoying the simple life.
What they have in common is a love of nature and all things living, a love for exploration and the enjoyment of life.

What we are: Heavy but laid-back RPers with a general character attitude of more or less loopy Tree-huggers nice and peaceful people.

What we are not: A big kin, a raiding kin or a place where you can expect haughtiness, racism or warlike attitudes.

Where you can find us: Linna Na Gelaidh's members travel all over Middle-Earth. But the easiest way to find us is to come to the biweekly Wilderness Appreciation Events organized by Nimlith and Miji.