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Bard's Day Concert
The Grand Order of the Lost Mathom extends a warm invitation:


I would like to invite yer and yer friends to the Bards Day concert on Monday September 2nd!

The concert is held in the Ivy Bush, Hobbiton, and celebrates the words and poems by Ronald Dwale. The songs are performed by The Brandy Badgers, but there will be an open stage afterwards for others to play a song or perform poetry suitable for the evening (it is best if yer let us know in advance if yer plan to). Everyone is welcome, be them hobbit, man, dwarf or elf!

The concert starts at 7:30PM London time (2:30PM servertime). Yer can read more information about the event here:

Warm regards,
Grand Order of the Lost Mathom
((This is an event to celebrate Tolkien's works, held on the date of his death. Songs will be based on many of his poems. While we will stay in-character during the event, on such a date we'd like to welcome players of all races to attend *smiles*))
May the light guide all thine steps till next we meet
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