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A gathering in Imladris
Dear Cousins and Friends of the Alliance,

This message has taken too long for me to write but the time has come for me to move on from Imladris and continue my journey East with Nimlith and others of the order.

Before departing and not knowing when we might return to these fair lands we would relish the opportunity to meet with you all once more.

I propose a meeting of the Eldariant in part to ensure that the members of the council have opportunity to discuss the future of the Alliance but in the main part to thank all of you for your company and cheer over these past months.

Escorts and guides will be made available from the lone lands.


OOC: I would like to set a date for a gathering in Imladris. Sunday seems to be the safest day and we should attempt to complete this before Helm's Deep launches. I therefore suggest the evening of the 3rd November at 1900 UK time.

Please let me know if this is acceptable.
May the light guide all thine steps till next we meet
Sunday the 3rd of November, got it. A usual, I can't promise 100% but I will mark it on my calendar for now.

Khalis Imieran
I have posted the details to our members I am sure we will have some to say farewell.
Thank you to everyone for a lovely evening
May the light guide all thine steps till next we meet
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