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Duinn and Kveltrild's Wedding

I am for my beloved, and the my beloved for me,
Together with our kin representatives as agreed in arrangements beforehand

Muninn Frerin’s son Thrórin’s son
Odsi Odfin’s son

Invite you to share in the joyous occasion of the binding of our love in matrimony on Sunday 25th at Thorin’s Halls, at the 3rd bell past midday.
A closed ceremony starts at 2nd and half bell past midday for dwarrows only – strictly -, which will be guarded by Durin’s Guard.
The ceremony opens to all folk and friends promptly at 3rd bell past midday at the stairs to Throne in Thorin’s Halls, a representative will escort you to the bride and groom.

Followed by a procession to festivities afterwards.

The honour to remain truly yours,
Duinn Muninn’s son Frerin’s son “Drakenbane”
Kveltrild Kvethun’s daughter “Amberbraid”

((OOC: event ceremony starts 2:30pm opens to non-dwarves at 3pm, afterwards we process to the Kinship Hall))
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