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Sarunniel May 29 2018 18:07:04
I'm doing well too, and I keep very very good memories of my time in LOTRO amongst the Laiquendi Order & friends. Hope everyone is ok!!
Sarunniel May 29 2018 17:55:34
Good to know you are doing well Tanes!! Came here because I'm trying to recover my old LOTRO account and was searching for some info, and it was nice to know of you Smile
Tanes April 21 2018 19:19:11
... the lovely Tanes. I'm still in Denmark, my now 2 year old is doing great and things are going good. Take care all. Hope there's some way I can contact you guys in the future.
Tanes April 21 2018 19:18:22
Hello! I know, it's been 2 years or so? I just wanted to say hello and that I'm doing well. I don't play anymore (as you can guess), but I think back fondly on my RP adventures in LOTRO as
Taramthir October 21 2017 10:21:55
Poor thing, hope he gets well soon
Eglanel October 18 2017 17:05:42
A bit too afk right now, but the kid I have over is sick so taking care of him this week. Sad
Eglanel September 27 2017 22:24:26
Taramthir in a dress on an oxen - Lo and behold what a sight! Elf Pfft
Taramthir June 15 2016 08:18:25
Not sure anyone visits here anymore but as a quick aside, I just spotted that swift travel to the Ox Clan camp is now available from Galtrev.. twas news to me Smile
Eglanel October 13 2015 13:10:04
Those interested in a re-boot of the alliance should grab hold of me in-game!
Bramwise Oatroot March 11 2015 18:27:58
Great time, give me a shout when ya meet me
Bramwise Oatroot March 11 2015 18:27:10
Thank you kindly for the update Taramthir, I had a great time at the Allience, with the People of the Shire . For all people who I met in-game, and experience Role- play with. I wish you all a
Taramthir February 15 2015 00:08:04
Hi Bramwise. The Alliance isn't active anymore - Durin's folk and the Warband are the only two really active kinships, but the channel remains and we're always happy to chat with friends o
Bramwise Oatroot February 07 2015 11:53:18
Seems the Allience is in active.
Bramwise Oatroot February 02 2015 20:34:12
Hullo everyone is the Allience still active???
Khalis Imieran July 04 2014 16:03:43
Happy Independence Day to our friends from the USA.
Taramthir June 29 2014 19:36:13
Till the 3rd of July there are an additional 15 account wide inventory slots for sale in the store.
Telvon June 23 2014 12:25:03
Khalis Imieran April 19 2014 20:56:01
Store freebie-Relic Removal Scroll Coupon Code SAVE65
Sarunniel April 15 2014 19:05:35
Happy birthday Telvon :-)
Taramthir March 07 2014 21:16:22
Store freebie this week is the ever popular Sturdy Steel Key - promo code is keyme7