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Taramthir October 21 2017 10:21:55
Poor thing, hope he gets well soon
Eglanel October 18 2017 17:05:42
A bit too afk right now, but the kid I have over is sick so taking care of him this week. Sad
Eglanel September 27 2017 22:24:26
Taramthir in a dress on an oxen - Lo and behold what a sight! Elf Pfft
Taramthir June 15 2016 08:18:25
Not sure anyone visits here anymore but as a quick aside, I just spotted that swift travel to the Ox Clan camp is now available from Galtrev.. twas news to me Smile
Eglanel October 13 2015 13:10:04
Those interested in a re-boot of the alliance should grab hold of me in-game!
Bramwise Oatroot March 11 2015 18:27:58
Great time, give me a shout when ya meet me
Bramwise Oatroot March 11 2015 18:27:10
Thank you kindly for the update Taramthir, I had a great time at the Allience, with the People of the Shire . For all people who I met in-game, and experience Role- play with. I wish you all a
Taramthir February 15 2015 00:08:04
Hi Bramwise. The Alliance isn't active anymore - Durin's folk and the Warband are the only two really active kinships, but the channel remains and we're always happy to chat with friends o
Bramwise Oatroot February 07 2015 11:53:18
Seems the Allience is in active.
Bramwise Oatroot February 02 2015 20:34:12
Hullo everyone is the Allience still active???
Khalis Imieran July 04 2014 16:03:43
Happy Independence Day to our friends from the USA.
Taramthir June 29 2014 19:36:13
Till the 3rd of July there are an additional 15 account wide inventory slots for sale in the store.
Telvon June 23 2014 12:25:03
Khalis Imieran April 19 2014 20:56:01
Store freebie-Relic Removal Scroll Coupon Code SAVE65
Sarunniel April 15 2014 19:05:35
Happy birthday Telvon :-)
Taramthir March 07 2014 21:16:22
Store freebie this week is the ever popular Sturdy Steel Key - promo code is keyme7
Sarunniel February 22 2014 10:47:10
Nice to know she's OK, thank you for the update Taram! Hope things get better there at Ukraine Frown
Taramthir February 21 2014 09:00:57
Just to let folks know, spoke online with Gal this morning and she's ok.
Jadite February 14 2014 11:47:52
Just to let you all know. I'll be away for the next week, as it's family holiday time... that's assuming theres a world left not under water...
Khalis Imieran February 12 2014 21:50:53
Nice to travel with you across Arda battling the storms (aka lagggggg )