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Jadite October 04 2013 19:39:12
Thank you! Grin
Nimlith October 04 2013 08:24:06
Happy Birthday, Jadite! Grin
Wiberic September 15 2013 20:54:42
Happy birthday, Miralith!
Taramthir September 13 2013 22:44:19
There's a lottery running this week-end on LOTRO.COM for codes for Helm's Deep Premium editions
Khalis Imieran September 13 2013 16:40:26
I offered that the Warband host one in Rivendell a few months back. But primarily for those involved with the Eldariant. I am not a fan of huge server wide events as they can attract some less than i
Taramthir September 11 2013 14:49:32
I don't think we have anything set Duinn
Duinn September 10 2013 18:36:52
When's the next ting?
Taramthir August 21 2013 22:18:25
Excellent Grin Grin Grin
Kandral August 21 2013 21:44:26
Harnkegger games 2013 announced: php?520951-EVENT-HARNKEGGER-GAMES-(2013- Edition)
Bramwise Oatroot August 21 2013 17:59:10
Happy Birthday Primmrose !
Bramwise Oatroot August 20 2013 15:22:05
No problem Taramthir, I Will check on some public Events, tanks for the info
Taramthir August 20 2013 13:50:07
Hi Bramwise - alas the Laiquendi is really not active at the moment so I;m not sure it would be fair to recruit new characters at this time. That said, if you simply wanted a kinship to be a member of
Bramwise Oatroot August 19 2013 16:58:16
Good day ya all I was wondering if any of the elven kinships recruiting young elves I just started a avatar Gwendar and would like to try it out to roleplay some of you have tips
Jadite August 17 2013 21:10:26
Please can players with a hobbit alt in PoTs, who have been inactive, please log-in to reset their timers. Thank you
Taramthir August 01 2013 20:08:52
Store freebie this week is a Sturdy Steel Key - coupon code is KEY88
Taramthir July 08 2013 11:55:04
Couldn't agree more Khalis!
Khalis Imieran July 07 2013 20:13:52
Its always extra wardrobe space and storage space i need. They have just given me a woodland ranger set.......i need more space!
Taramthir July 04 2013 16:30:48
Not wishing to stir up a P2W debate but... 40% off sturdy steel keys in the sore Smile
Nimlith June 27 2013 12:08:03
Hobbits have travelled to Imladris for an alliance gathering before! (Look in the page header if you can't believe it...) Wink
Khalis Imieran June 22 2013 19:47:22
The Warband dwelling in Imladris is a bit far i guess. We have not had much contact with the PotS, and only very little with those of House Durin. Perhaps the Alliance might be better seeking an al