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Wiberic September 15 2013 20:54:42
Happy birthday, Miralith!
Taramthir September 13 2013 22:44:19
There's a lottery running this week-end on LOTRO.COM for codes for Helm's Deep Premium editions
Khalis Imieran September 13 2013 16:40:26
I offered that the Warband host one in Rivendell a few months back. But primarily for those involved with the Eldariant. I am not a fan of huge server wide events as they can attract some less than i
Taramthir September 11 2013 14:49:32
I don't think we have anything set Duinn
Duinn September 10 2013 18:36:52
When's the next ting?
Taramthir August 21 2013 22:18:25
Excellent Grin Grin Grin
Kandral August 21 2013 21:44:26
Harnkegger games 2013 announced: php?520951-EVENT-HARNKEGGER-GAMES-(2013- Edition)
Bramwise Oatroot August 21 2013 17:59:10
Happy Birthday Primmrose !
Bramwise Oatroot August 20 2013 15:22:05
No problem Taramthir, I Will check on some public Events, tanks for the info
Taramthir August 20 2013 13:50:07
Hi Bramwise - alas the Laiquendi is really not active at the moment so I;m not sure it would be fair to recruit new characters at this time. That said, if you simply wanted a kinship to be a member of
Bramwise Oatroot August 19 2013 16:58:16
Good day ya all I was wondering if any of the elven kinships recruiting young elves I just started a avatar Gwendar and would like to try it out to roleplay some of you have tips
Jadite August 17 2013 21:10:26
Please can players with a hobbit alt in PoTs, who have been inactive, please log-in to reset their timers. Thank you
Taramthir August 01 2013 20:08:52
Store freebie this week is a Sturdy Steel Key - coupon code is KEY88
Taramthir July 08 2013 11:55:04
Couldn't agree more Khalis!
Khalis Imieran July 07 2013 20:13:52
Its always extra wardrobe space and storage space i need. They have just given me a woodland ranger set.......i need more space!
Taramthir July 04 2013 16:30:48
Not wishing to stir up a P2W debate but... 40% off sturdy steel keys in the sore Smile
Nimlith June 27 2013 12:08:03
Hobbits have travelled to Imladris for an alliance gathering before! (Look in the page header if you can't believe it...) Wink
Khalis Imieran June 22 2013 19:47:22
The Warband dwelling in Imladris is a bit far i guess. We have not had much contact with the PotS, and only very little with those of House Durin. Perhaps the Alliance might be better seeking an al
Jadite June 22 2013 06:46:00
*nods* just not sure how many hobbits will travel that far.
Khalis Imieran June 21 2013 12:39:58
Rivendell would be good place to hold an Alliance meeting. We would happily play host.