Update 6 Launches Today
Game NewsUpdate 6 is on its way! The official notes of the update have been released. You can view them at the LOTRO website.

The servers are currently down, but are due back up by 10AM Eastern (-5 GMT). Patching of the client is available now, however.

See you back in-game, may your travels to the Great River be safe!
Eldariant Gathering
Alliance NewsThis Thursday evening the Laiquendi Order invite all members of the Eldariant to our Santuary to welcome in the New Year. There will be food and drink and dancing and music and the telling of tales.

For those requiring escort riders will be sent to Needlehole in the north east of the Shire.

If you have any desire to perform or contribute in any way please make me aware and I shall do my utmost to incorporate your thoughts into the evening.

I look forward to meeting with as many cousins and friends as possible.
Upcoming Events - December
General NewsApologies for the tardiness of this posting...

Wednesday 7th December - A ride through the Trollshaws to the Hall of Fire in Imladris, organised by the Laiquendi
Friday 9th December - The Murderous Wanderer, Laiquendi RP event
Friday 9th December - Green Dragon Friday
Monday 12th Decemeber - Laiquendi PvE evening, all Alliance members welcome
Thursday 15th December - Wilderness Appreciation Event
Monday 19th December at 20:00 GMT - A People of the Shire meeting
Tuesday 20th December @2000 UK time - Leyesta's house warming
Thursday 29th December- Wilderness Appreciation Event

And there's more, courtesy of Jadite

Shades Concert 11th December, 8pm UK time - Berghold Thorin's Gate. *All welcome*

Hobbit Heart Yule 12th December 8pm Uk/3pm servertime - 4 Wending way Twigwarren *All welcome*

Athena Winter Ball 17th December 7pm Uk time - Athena House, 8 long street Towerfold, Bree homestreads *All welcome, formal dress, no weapons*

Grand Order's Yule party 17th December 7:30pm Uk time - 4 Brookbank Street, Songburrow, Shire homesteads. *Kin folk and friends all welcome*

Amorey's and Peppy's wedding 18th December 8pm UK time -Bramblebury, Shire homestead near the stage. *Hobbit prefered - but others welcome if they behave*

Winter Poetry Competition 21st December 7:30 pm UK time - Methal Stage Hobbiton-bywater.. *All welcome to attend - but entry to competition is now full*

Drinking contest Date: 14th December Time: 8pm uk time Location: Bree Festival fields. Seems to consist of drinking until only one is left standing. Humans. Dwarves and Hobbits welcome.

Don't forget there's also the Laiquendi Order gatherings twice a month on a Tuesday and a Thursday, Hall of Fire on a Wednesday, and Green Dragon Friday!

Also remember that we will have an Alliance Gathering as per Daerundros's suggestions in early January. Watch out for details closer to the date.

Please message a moderator if you have any news to post or spot any errors.
Upcoming Events!
General NewsThursday October 20 - Wilderness Appreciation Day 20:00 BST/21:00 CET
Thursday October 27 - Fall Fancy Dress Party, Ivy Bush, Hobbiton, 20:00 GMT
Sunday October 30 - Three Hobbits Perform a Play, Ivy Bush, Hobbiton 19:30 BST/20:30 CET
Tuesday November 1 - Autumn Ball, Harcrest, Bree Homesteads (Pied Pipers perform) 20:00 BST/21:00 CET
Thursday November 3 - Wilderness Appreciation Day 20:00 BST/21:00 CET
Monday November 7 - Archet Aid, Archet market square (Pied Pipers perform) 20:00 GMT
Tuesday November 15 - Great Elven Ball, Lant Veren, Falathlorn Homesteads, 19:30 BST/20:30 CET
Thursday November 17 - Wilderness Appreciation Day 20:00 BST/21:00 CET

Don't forget there's also the Laiquendi Order gatherings twice a month on a Tuesday and a Thursday, Hall of Fire on a Wednesday, and Green Dragon Friday!

Message me if I missed anything.
Upcoming events for August!
Alliance NewsThursday 4th - The Gathering Storm 7.30PM BST/8.30PM CET (Elven-preferred event hosted by Loth-i-Lonnath)
Friday 5th - Laiquendi Instance Night 7PM BST/8PM CET
Sunday 7th - Hobbit Relay Race (Hobbit only) 6PM BST/7PM CET
Monday 8th - Alliance Event: The Vile Maw (Watcher Raid) 7PM BST/8PM CET
Thursday 11th - Wilderness Appreciation Day 8PM BST/9PM CET
Friday 12th - Dwarf expedition to Evendim (Dwarf only) 8PM BST/9PM CET
Sunday 21st - Bardoric's Fishing Event 6PM BST/7PM CET
Monday 22nd - Alliance Gathering at the Laiquendi Sanctuary 7PM BST/8PM CET
Thursday 25th - Wilderness Appreciation Day 8PM BST/9PM CET

Don't forget there's also the Laiquendi Order gatherings bi-weekly on a Tuesday, Hall of Fire on a Wednesday, and Green Dragon Friday!
Upcoming events for July!
Alliance NewsSunday July 10 - Bardoric's Fishing Event 18:30 GMT/20:30CET
Monday July 11 - People of the Shire Kinship party 18.00 GMT/ 20.00 CET (PotS only)
Tuesday July 12 - Wilderness Appreciation Day 19:00 GMT/21:00 CET (all welcome)
Thursday July 14 - Blue Mountain Council 18.00 GMT/ 20.00 CET (elf only)
Sunday July 17 - Strollers Concert 18:30 GMT/20:30 CET (all welcome)
Sunday July 24 - Summer Picnic 18:30 GMT/20:30 CET (Hobbit only)
Monday July 25 - Bonding Bonfire (Hobbit preferred)
Monday July 25 - Gathering with Calarind (Laiquendi Order only)
Tuesday July 26 - Summer Ball 19:00 GMT/21:00 CET (all welcome)
Thursday July 28 - Wilderness Appreciation Day 19:00 GMT/21:00 CET (all welcome)

...and of course GDF on Fridays and HoF on Wednesdays!

Comment here if I have forgotten something or a new event comes up.
Transfer to Turbine Commences
Game NewsHello Alliance!

The website to transfer your Codemasters account to Turbine is now live. Please head to transfer.lotro.com and follow the instructions. Also open up your game client so that it can update.

If you have a lifetime subscription, you will not need to add credit card details, just click the "cancel" button and continue on with the process. If successful, you should receive an e-mail telling you so.

As of now the European servers are down, but once you've migrated and patched the client you're able to play on the US servers.

The following is quoted from the LotRO Twitter:
"EU Servers are expected to be up prior to the weekend. When we have an updated or more precise time we'll let you know."

I hope to see you all in-game soon!

Update: The European servers are now up and running! See you all in Middle-earth!
Transfer to Turbine Soon
Game NewsGreetings Alliance,

As you may now be aware, Turbine are taking over full control of the Lord of the Rings Online European service. The servers are scheduled to go down Tuesday May 31st at Midday, with an estimated downtime of 2-3 days during the migration.

More information on the takeover can be read via the following links:

Transition Questions and Queries (Codemasters Forum thread)

Turbine's European LOTRO Account Migration website

A Word About Turbine Roleplay Server Support (Turbine LotRO Forums thread)

Feel free to chat and even roleplay on our forums during the server downtime. We may not be able to venture into Middle-earth for a few days, but we can still communicate and have fun together as an alliance.

I wish you all a speedy migration and hope to see you in Middle-earth again very soon!
Possible Website Downtime
Site NewsThe webshost, One.com, is updating the hardware on several of it's servers, this may lead to the site being temporarily offline.

As this work is planned for night-time hours, most should not be affected by this.

Downtime may be from 2-4 AM in the coming days.
New Site Administrators
Site NewsGreetings allies,

I wish to inform you that Nimlith and I are now the administrators of the website. Any website issues and feedback should be forwarded to one of us.

Farad vaer!
Upcoming events for May - update
Game News--updated so it doesn't get lost on the bottom of the page! And added some new events.--

Upcoming events for the Alliance and friends in the month of May!
Please note all times are given in /servertime.

Saturday May 7 - Historical Field Trip to Adso's Camp (18:30)
Sunday May 8 - Songburrow Strollers Staddle concert (19:00)
Friday May 13 - Green Dragon Anniversary Party, Green Dragon (19:00)
Sunday May 15 - Parade Fair Gala Day, Falathlorn Homesteads (18:00)
Tuesday May 17 - 2nd Dwarrow Ting, Hughirth Homestead (Dwarf event, 18:00)
Thursday May 19 - Wilderness Appreciation Day, Evendim (19:00)
Friday May 20 - Green Dragon anniversary concert, Methel stage (19:00)
Sunday May 29 - Hobbit Mystery Masquerade Ball, Delving Fields (Hobbit event, 19:00)

And of course the weekly Hall of Fire (Wed) and Green Dragon (Fri) evenings! :D

Comment here if I have forgotten anything/if a new event comes up.

See you there! :D