Forum Ranks
Site NewsNimlith has made some awesome forum rank images.

In the future the following ranks are attainable:

Soldier 0-99 forum posts
Veteran 100-249 forum posts
Campaigner 250- forum posts

Super Administrator
New left side menu
Site NewsGood morning,

I am at work, but spending a bit of time working on the new menu structure for the left side, where I will combine several of the current ones into a single unit.

This will look a bit odd until I am completely done, and until then the panel will be on site in the bottom of the left hand side, mainly so I can see what it looks like when working on it.

This just to let you know that there is a reason for it being there.


  • Calendar: Only fix was to remove the right panels when in calendar, it works though.
  • Added a two line buffer between the kin crests and the page content.
  • Removed the normal menus on the left, and installed the new one for final use.

// Morvrethil
The new theme
Site NewsI have completed the preliminary work on the new theme.

There are a few things still missing, for instance the banner needs the title Eldariant Alliance, if someone wants to have a go at it, feel free to do it.

Also, I am still not 100 percent satisfied with the main page display, I would like to get rid of that Welcome, but, it is something I will look into over the coming days.

Please, please, please, give me as many suggestions as you can regarding this new look, and also let me know if you discover errors.

On another note, the site as you know isn't free to keep running, I would just at this point like to thank Taramthir, who has chipped in and paid 50% of the costs that the site has had this year so far, including 50% of the upcoming bill for the next years lease.
I plan to cover the last 50% myself.

So from me a heartfelt thanks to Taramthir for that.

// Morvrethil
Website Theme
Site NewsHey everyone, I am finishing up the new main theme for the site.

I need to know from you all which width you prefer the theme to be in.

So, please indicate in comments what your resolution is when browsing, my personal is 1920x1080.

Thank you in advance

Also, please expect some work to be done on the site today, as I am testing out the theme.
So if odd things pop up, I hope you can live with it.

UPDATE : (16:00 GMT)

  • News Headlines made bigger and in Bold
  • All panels fixed to accept new bullets and link types.
  • Core system updated to 7.01.04 from 7.00.07
  • Shoutbox resized to fit. Problems with tooltips.
  • Forum Ranks now have images and titles according to LotRO Ettenmoor Ranks
  • Shoutbox problems with tooltips now fixed!

Upcoming events for May
Game NewsUpcoming events for the Alliance and friends in the month of May!
Please note all times are given in /servertime.

Sunday May 1 - Hobbit Fishing event (18:00 /servertime)
Thursday May 5 - Wilderness Appreciation Day (19:00)
Saturday May 7 - Historical Field Trip Adso's Camp (19:30)
Sunday May 8 - Songburrow Strollers Staddle concert (19:00)
Thursday May 19 - Wilderness Appreciation Day (19:00)
Friday May 20 - Green Dragon Friday anniversary event (19:00)
Sunday May 29 - Hobbit Mystery Masquerade Ball (19:30)

And of course the weekly Hall of Fire (Wed) and Green Dragon (Fri) evenings! :D

Comment here if I have forgotten anything/if a new event comes up.

See you there! :D
New Panel showing latest images
Site NewsBovso asked if it was possible to get a feed with the latest uploaded images in it, well, I scrounged around and found the one I have now put in the lower left side.

It displays the total number of images and shows a thumbnail of the latest images added.
I hope this caters to what you were looking for, if not, let me know and I will look for something else.

On another note, I really wish to get into this website again and make it come more alive on the frontpage. So if you have any ideas as to what should go up here, please drop me a PM or a message in-game.

// Morvrethil
Possible downtime
Site NewsThe company where we get the site hosted are upgrading their hardware.

This means that the site and email functions may be down for short periods of time between 3:00 and 5:00 CET on the 14th. So early tomorrow morning.

This should hamper as few of you as possible and they plan to have everything up and running again by 5:00 CET.

In case their upgrade goes wrong we won't face the loss of data, as they are performing a backup of all sites hosted prior to the upgrade of the server hardware.

I have also today taken a backup of the site database, so as per 19:00 CET today we have a mirror of the site, including forums, user accounts, articles and other.

// Morvrethil
UPDATE: Seems everything is in order, if you find any errors let me know.
A new kin joins the Alliance
Alliance NewsToday we had the pleasure of welcoming the Genesis of the Free to the Eldariant. They are a mixed race kin and I am sure that you will be hearing more from them and Marshlight, who is looking after them, over the coming days.

Please keep an eye open for them in these forums and in game and make them welcome.

Many of you met with them at the last Alliance gathering and we will use an upcoming event to celebrate their joining.
Alliance Meeting, April 5
Alliance NewsHello all,

since the last alliance meeting was such a big success, let's have another one on Tuesday, April 5!

This time Linna Na Gelaidh are buying the drinks! :)
The address of their grove is 5 Waterbank Road in the Cerin-e-Th?n neighbourhood near Duillond.
Since there will be a time-shift in between, times are in IRL zones: British summer time 19:30, Central European 20:30, Eastern European (Finland) 21:30.

In-game invitations will follow shortly.
Alliance meeting tonight!
Alliance NewsThe People of the Shire have opened the bounds of the Shire for us tonight, 19:00.
Come and bring pie, say hello and have a mug of genuine Shire ale!
Nimlith taking control
Site NewsHi everyone,

It seems there are a few people who object to my presence, so I have asked Nimlith to take over the running of the site, and she has agreed.
I do not wish to be the reason for strife within the alliance or the kins.

I hope the alliance thrives, the kins, and the RP, and wish you all the best in the future.

As a parting note I would like to remind you all of why this alliance was put together.
It was with the expressive wish, to gather RP kins on the server, so that they could interact, have joint RP events, and in a way mirror the Last Alliance of the books.
The alliance should grow, accept new members, be alive. If you close your doors, all you will achieve is a dead place, and a name without meaning.

// Eglanel