Need a mail adress for your character?
Site NewsOne of the perks of the alliance site, is that we can provide an email for those interested.

It can be a regular mailbox, or the system can be set up to forward mails to one or more mailadresses.

So, if you, or your kin for that matter, need a mail, let me know and I can set it up quite quick., or even the possibilites are endless.

So, if you or your kin want a mail addy, let me know. Drop a PM on the site!
Invitation - Passing of the Hat
People of the ShireDear friends of the Eldariant Alliance,

We, of People of the Shire, are honored to invite you and your friends to our 'Passing of the Hat' ceremony and party on the 1st of February 2011.

The ceremony is being held at 4 Myrtlecourt, Oakham, Shire Homesteads and starts at 19.00 ((/servertime)).
After the ceremony, there is a splendid party for you to enjoy! If you have a band and you would like to perform a song, or two, or if you have short stories, plays, special dances or anything else you would like to show us, please contact Bovso Oakengates. He will then schedule your performance.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

With kind regards,

The Shirriffs of People of the Shire


For more info about the Hat and about the Passing of the Hat ceremony, you could read the About People of the Shire article.
Merry Christmas
General NewsJust a little Merry Christmas to everyone.

// Eglanel
Horses and Goats
Roleplay StoriesI have added a new photo album, Horses and Goats.

I will update it, and get you more descriptions, for now, you can see the mounts I have collected there.

// Eglanel
Signing up reminder
Site NewsPlease remember to sign up using your in game name, all others will be deleted.

This is a precaution against people trying to abuse our CMS system.

I know it can be a pain, especially if you have multiple characters, if you do wish for multiple accounts, given you have several characters in alliance kins, simply drop a message to me and I will create the extra accounts for you.

// Eglanel
Site changes & wishes?
Site NewsI have altered the main text to be 1 pixel higher in size, hope this makes it a bit easier to read.

So, using the DT today I was thinking of spending some time making site improvements, so, please use the comment option to let me know what you guys would like to see on the site.

Do let me know if I should change the text size in forums as well.... will start to fiddle a bit with the font as well.

// Eglanel
People of the Shire and allies party, today 20:00!
People of the ShireDon't forget that today 20:00 /servertime the People of the Shire are holding their Passing of the Hat ceremony with the traditional party afterwards!
The ceremony will be held in private, and afterwards the kinhole will be opened for allies and new friends alike. There are sure to be pies, ale, riddles, games and more!
Pipeweed anyone?
Laiquendi OrderYesterday saw the eldar of the Laiquendi Order gathering at the Sanctuary in Falathlorn.

It was a good meeting, where many things were discussed and some decisions made.
One of these I think should be made public to all of our friends in the Eldariant as well, since it has a certain impact, or rather, it might have.

Turbine changed the sounds for people smoking pipeweed in the game, and besides those having their game sounds muted, the rest are thrown into a frantic search for the nearest ER crash cart everytime someone lights up.
Simply due to the all conquering breathing sound that starts emanating from peoples headsets and/or speakers.

Thus we in the Laiquendi have decided that smoking, until codemasters decide to change the sound back, is prohibited at Kin events.

What people do outside the Sanctuary, or at their own events, is their choice, but, since elves would not naturally smoke pipeweed, and the sounds are annoying, to say the least. It is prohibited in the Sanctuary in the future.

One can wonder wether Turbine made the sound so obnoxious, because there are strong elements within the american society, opposing any form of tobacco.
I do have to say though, Aragorn, Gandalf or even the hobbits without a pipe is... somewhat unacceptabel to me personally. It is part of them.
RP Event : Riddle in the Snow
Game NewsThere is an event this coming friday, if you have the interest, read the PDF file you can find via the link here:

Announcement (PDF)
Isengard anyone?
Game NewsTurbine has released the preliminary to the next major expansion.

Read the press release by clicking

** UPDATE **

Mod dropped the link to the teaser trailer in comments:

A Wedding Invitation
Laiquendi Order