Roleplay Stories and kin specifik menus
Site NewsRoleplay stories may now be submitted, as with all material you would like published on the site, simply submit an article.

The best part is that it accepts plain text, so you need not be a code wizard to create content for the site.

Also I have added the first kin-specific menu and items, each kin have their owen artivle category, and items there are solely visible to members of said kin, the same goes for the menus.

// Eglanel
New Features
Site NewsWorking on the site a bit this morning.

I have at the moment added the following features to the site:

  • Event Calendar - Hover over a date to see upcoming events.
  • Deluxe Shoutbox - Many added features in comparison to the standard one.

I will continue to work over the next few days, let's see if we can make this site look usable ^^

Also, please tell me what you would like to see on the site, this is after all yours.

// Eglanel
Welcome to the website
Site NewsWelcome to the future home of the Eldariant Alliance.

The website is being set up, content will flow over the next weeks and months, and you, the members are a big part of that.

The basic system for the site is called PHP-Fusion, so, if you are either a graphics artist, a php wizard or in other ways can help, please sign up and let the team know what you can help with.

We also need regular news posters, who scrounge the tidbits, rumours, and gossip from around the web concerning the game.

When you register, we would ask that you do so using the main character name in the game. It is of course possible to register multiple accounts, if you have members in different kins.
Each registration will be granted website access as soon as an admin verifies the application.

Below are some of the features that are coming:
  • Each kin will have its own forum, only accessible to the members of said kin.
  • Each kin will have access to pages available only to said kin.