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Dwarrow Travelling Fayre
Durin's FolkLord Duinn invites his fellow allies and friends to join him and his folk in a fayre! The 1st Grand Dwarrow Travelling Fayre, when and where you might ask?

When & Where:
24 April - Frerin's Court, 8-12pm
25 April - Needlehole, 8-12pm
1 May - Bywater, 8-12pm
2 May - Bree, Stone Quarter, 8-12pm

Come and buy goods and share in the music and various festivities.

Site Update
Site NewsOur hosting service is carrying out some updates and the upgrade of the eldariant.org will be carried out on 07/02-2013 - that's Thursday.

There will be some changes to underlying file paths which may, or may not, cause some issues with scripting on the site.

I'm at a conference this week but if you spot any errors/problems please report them - a comment on this article is fine - and I'll take a look when I get back.

If there are any serious issues I shall have to beg assistance from the more web savvy members of the Alliance. Hugs and virtual cookies will be provided :)
The Third Ting of the West
Alliance Newsfarm9.staticflickr.com/8368/8363574965_2d3b41ee52_h.jpg
The Hobbit Yule Carole - 26th December 2012 @ Oldfurlong
People of the Shire

For anyone who was not able to come to the Yule Party at Oldfurlong neighbourhood, Mignonette Shenanigan has offered up the transcript of her play, which can be seen here:

A Hobbit Yule Carole

Merry Yule to all, and a Happy New Year!
The Wedding of Yllisa and Loimos
People of the Shirewww.eldariant.org/images/photoalbum/album_2/swedding.jpg
Site Upgrade
Site NewsUPDATE The site is now back up and available to all - with five minutes to spare. 6 minor and one major update plus a full back of the site leaves us at the latest version of PHP-Fusion. This gives a number of new features which I'll find my way around over the next few days.

Here's hoping the spam bots don't return too quickly.

If you spot anything odd/broken please PM me.
Second Ting of the West
Alliance NewsThe Second Ting of the West will be hosted by the Laiquendi Order in Celondim on the evening of Saturday 29th September.

All free people will be welcomed and we hope to see many of the Alliance members present.

Items for discussion will be raised on the night but if any are able to provide entertainment on the evening I would be grateful if they could contact me before the event.

The first Ting was a great success and I hope that this second Ting will be worthy of your time.

Riders of Rohan Delayed
General NewsNot sure whether people have seen this or not but as we haven't posted any news in a while I thought I'd share it here.

Riders of Rohan has been delayed with an expected release date of October 15th.

Full info here:
Upcoming Events for April!
Alliance NewsApril 5 - Wilderness Appreciation Day (20BST)
April 7 - Spring Poetry Competition (19BST)
April 9 - Broken Bone Race (20BST)
April 10 - Chicken Run (19:30BST)
April 14 - Eldariant Fashion Exhibition and Contest (19:30BST)
April 15 - GOAT Play: An Apple A Day... (19:30BST)
April 16 - Alliance Gathering (20BST)
April 19 - Wilderness Appreciation Day (20BST)
April 20 - GDF Anniversary Warmup Party (20BST)
April 22 - Songburrow Strollers Concert (19:30BST)
April 23 - Shire Riddle Run (19:30BST)
April 27 - GDF Anniversary Party (20BST)

And don't forget the weekly Market Mondays, Pilgrimage Tuesdays, HoF Wednesdays and Green Dragon Fridays!

All times are in British Summer Time, add one hour for Central European times (2 hours for our Finnish friends).

Well met and welcome to Durin's Folk
Alliance News
As you will have noticed from the shout boxes, kin mails and general chatter we are proud to announce that Durin's Folk - a wonderful RP kinship of dwarfs - have agreed to join the Alliance.

We hope to announce a gathering in the very near future to welcome them formally and get to know each other but in the mean time please make them feel welcome hear and in the Eldariant chat channel.